Some of the great feedback we received when Paul applied to join the SMART-Connect Alliance

“Paul amazing ability to create video that truly display any businesses story and point of difference is to be commended.”
“PABA Media are professional, creative and never fail to deliver. They understand staying within the budget and bring forth solutions which make the creative process simple, effective and beautifully executed!”
“Amazing talent, awesome work!”
“I have held a working relationship with Paul for over 20 years – he is my go to guy for content and production.”
“Paul is very easy to work with. Does a great job.” Anna
“Knowledgeable prompt and efficient”

This feedback has been received through the SMART-Connect independent client review system.

About this SMART-Connect best practice business advisor

Paul Baiguerra

Paul Baiguerra

Video Production Specialist

Paul Baiguerra has over 20 years experience in content production. In a constantly changing industry Paul has always been a forward thinker, he had his eyes on the future long before much of the industry had even contemplated the digital revolution. Along with his partners he developed and produced the worlds first cross platform drama series, Forget The Rules, which received a nomination for Best Interactive Drama and an award for Best Format for Interactive Drama at the Cannes Mipcom awards. With the explosion of digital distribution options Paul is excited about the possibilities for SME’s to gain access to audiences and content performance insights previously only reserved for the big corporate players.

Paul believes in providing a comprehensive video solution from content planning through to production and online promotion - and not just making a video for the sake of it. After all, just like the proverbial tree falling in a forest, if a video is put online and nobody watches it does it exist Whether you’re looking for a high end video solution, or you’re just dipping your toes in the water, Paul will work to ensure that your video is working for your business.

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