People don’t buy newspapers and magazines for the ads, they buy them for the stories.  That’s why you want your business to be one of the stories.

Jules Brooke

PR Expert, trainer and speaker, Handle Your Own PR

In Episode 8 of the SMART-Connect Podcast Show SMART-Connect best practice PR Advisor Jules Brooke explains…

  • How to get a lifetime of free media coverage;
  • Why PR is the gift that keeps on giving;
  • Why you should do your PR yourself until you can afford an agency to do it for you.


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Jules Brooke

Jules Brooke

Publicity and Media Specialist

For the last fifteen years, Jules has been teaching small business owners and entrepreneurs how to grow their sales and get the phone ringing by getting featured for free in the media.

She has owned and operated a number of small businesses herself and ran a PR agency specialising in small business clients, start-ups and entrepreneurs for well over a decade. She has worked in most disciplines in marketing, both in Australia and overseas, and loves to share her knowledge and experience with her customers.

About the SMART-Connect Podcast Show

The SMART-Connect Podcast is one of the ways that SMART-Connect Alliance business advisors and business specialists share key information, business insights, strategies and case studies with their clients and alliance partners, ensuring they are kept up to date with important news, ideas, risks and opportunities that can impact their business.

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