If you set out to create content for everybody, you’ll end up with content that doesn’t mean much to anybody.

Violeta Balhas

SMART-Connect Alliance Content and Communications Specialist, Violeta Balhas.com

In Episode 2 of the SMART-Connect Podcast Show SMART-Connect Content and Communications Specialist Violeta Balhas explains…

  • Why content marketing is “the only marketing that’s left” – Seth Godin;
  • The single key to successful content marketing;
  • Three ways to ensure success with your content marketing. 


Associated Best Practice Benchmarking Statements

All of our individual marketing tactics are regularly reviewed and we consistently seek out and employ best practice to ensure that we are achieving the best possible ROI on our marketing spend. #marketing

About the SMART-Connect Podcast Show

The SMART-Connect Podcast is one of the ways that SMART-Connect Alliance business advisors and business specialists share key information, business insights, strategies and case studies with their clients and alliance partners, ensuring they are kept up to date with important news, ideas, risks and opportunities that can impact their business.

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