Be organised and keep up daily with those who owe you money. It will save time and money and alleviate stress.

Jeanine Purdie

SMART-Connect Alliance Credit Management and Debt Recovery Specialist, CEO of Business Credit Solutions

In Episode 6 of the SMART-Connect Podcast Show SMART-Connect Credit Management and Debt Recovery Advisor Jeanine Purdie explains…

  • The size of the debt recovery problem facing Australian business owners and how it is sending so many out of business
  • How to Be Better Prepared to Give Credit to Customers;
  • What you need to do so you can feel confident with the customers you choose to do business with;
  • How to detect the early warning signs of non-payment of a customer;
  • What you need to know about cloud based systems to assist you with your debtor management.


Associated Best Practice Benchmarking Statements

BEST PRACTICE BENCHMARK: We have strong debtor management processes which ensure that Debtors either pay on time, or are quickly flagged for collection actions to ensure payment.  #Financial-Management #Risk

Jeanine Purdie

Jeanine Purdie

Credit Management and Debt Recovery Specialist

Jeanine Purdie is the founder and principal of Business Credit Solutions which was formed to assist  clients to get paid faster by reviewing their credit management processes and potential new client risk and to assist with debtor management and/or collection if required.

We have teamed with IODM, a cloud-based debtor management system to assist clients with their accounts receivable.  Our collection arm is called Repaid! Collections.  Our unique points of difference are competitive rates, high levels of customer service from a boutique firm, clients can log-on and get up-to-the-minute progress reports when required from our integrated debt collection system.  We conduct WEEKLY EFT payments back to our clients after they have been Repaid! (with Trust statements for your records).  We offer a no win/no fee for service throughout the collection process. We pre-quote for any additional services required eg field calls or skip traces to locate debtors and only proceed with your authorisation.

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