More outstanding client reviews this month for Frank Amato of Frank Amato Photography:

“We love Frank! His professionalism and creativity are second to none. He’s always punctual and definitely reliable. We love using him for our events!”

“You have the ability of making an average scene look amazing. Your attention to detail is excellent and shows in the quality in your work. Keep up the awesome work. I have always said that quality maintains quantity, you will never be out of work. Well done Frank. 😃👍👏”

“Frank has gone out of his way to provide a professional service that has enhanced our business. His images detail all aspects of our business and product.”

This feedback has been received through the SMART-Connect independent client review system.

About this SMART-Connect best practice business advisor

Frank Amato

Frank Amato

Corporate Communications Photographer

With close to twenty five years in the photography industry servicing Government, Corporate and Private Sector business’s Frank’s advice and knowledge shine’s through when photographic requirements are discussed.
A passion for exploring ideas and ones thoughts is what drives him to deliver on each and every occasion. From the simplest company PR shoot to a multi layered photographic brief rest assured that experience does count, delivering uniqueness with great people skills to boot.
Enough ‘blurb’… let his pictures tell your story

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