Looking for a specialist advisor or a Board of Advice to help you build a best practice business or help you with a specific aspect of your business?

How the SMART-Connect Boards of Advice work

You’re the experts in your products or services, but running a successful business means you have to stay abreast of so much more. Generating new business, juggling cash-flow, dealing with staff, implementing systems and a whole gamut in between; not to mention legislative changes and new technologies. It’s so much easier when you have the ongoing input and support of high-quality advisors and specialists you can trust.

  • Imagine if you had a team of outstanding business advisors and specialists you could turn to whenever you needed input, advice, wisdom or support on how to improve any aspect of your business:  branding marketing, sales, finance, operations, technology, staffing, risk management.
  • imagine if collectively they fully understood your business goals and objectives,  and that they worked together so that their advice and input considered every aspect of your business, not just any single area of expertise.
  • Imagine if all that was just one phone call or email away at any time.

That how the SMART-Connect Boards of Advice work….. Connecting you with a  hand-picked team of top quality advisors and specialists, working together to help you achieve exceptional results across your business.

What industries and business sizes do we work with?

Broadly speaking we work with SME businesses turning over between $20K a month and $70 million a year.

But it's a bit of a standing joke at SMART-Connect Advisor meetings - "Get more niched, and more niched and more niched again!"

And that's what we've done....we've created a collective of outstanding advisors and specialists who have niched, niched and niched even more... and then we've organised them around those niches into Boards of Advice (BOA)  where everyone in that BOA shares the same niche.

So what industries and business sizes do we work with?

We've have Boards of Advice who specialise in working with three key business size niches based on turnover...

  • Businesses turning over between $20 thousand a month and $3 million a year
  • Businesses turning over between $3 and $12 million a year
  • Businesses turning over between $12 and $70 million a year.

We have Boards of Advice who specialise in working with businesses at particular stages in their business journey:

  • Start up businesses
  • Business owners who are stuck in the consultancy trap and want to grow a scalable, saleable business.
  • Business owners who want to create an exit plan
  • Businesses preparing for sale

We have Boards of Advice who specialise in working with businesses in particular industries

  • Manufacturing businesses
  • Professional Services Businesses
  • Real estate businesses
  • Medical and health services businesses
  • Technology businesses
  • Coaches and consultants
  • Building and construction
  • Not for profit

But there is something much more important than all of that... and it's something we ALL have in common.. We are only interested in working with business owners who have a clear vision for where they want their business to go and who share our core values of integrity, professional excellence, customer service, collaboration, contribution and innovation.... there is NOTHING more important than that! 

Thought Leaders and Disrupters Board of Advice

Board of Advice for coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs who want to be recognised as thought leaders, disruptors, innovators and influencers while building a saleable, scaleable business in their niche and creating a legacy for the future.

Best Practice Branding and Marketing Board of Advice

The Board of Advice for businesses who want to successfully launch a new brand in the market place, or re-brand or energise a tired brand to leave your competition in the dust while ensuring that you are getting the best possible return on your marketing spend.

Small Business Boards of Advice

Boards of Advice for businesses turning over between $240k and $3million a year who want to increase profitability and productivity and build a business that works without you.

SME Business Board of Advice

Boards of Advice for businesses turning over between $3million and $12 million who want to become leaders and disrupters in their industry, increasing profitability, expanding reach and creating a valuable saleable asset for the future.

Medium Business Board of Advice

Boards of advice for businesses turning over between $12 million and $70 million who want to build a highly profitable, industry leading  brand that is widely recognised for best practice, innovation and disruption and create a lasting legacy for the future.

Looking for a specialist advisor to help you with a specific aspect of your business?  Enter the type of specialist you are looking for in the search bar or scroll down to review all of the SMART-Connect specialist advisors

9 Common problems with finding the right Board of Advice, advisors and specialists for your business.

Unfortunately finding the right advisory board, business advisors or specialists can be a time-consuming, expensive, hit and miss affair.  It’s an ongoing headache for most business owners:

  1. Experts who tell you THEY have the ideal solution to your problem, often without taking the time to really understand your business or being willing to refer you on when there may be a better option for your situation.
  2. Finding yourself dealing with a different staff member or consultant at every meeting and constantly having to re-explain your business and your problem.
  3. Getting shunted from one supplier to the next, always being asked to spend more money and still not getting the outcome you were looking for.
  4. Paying exorbitant prices for inadequate or at best average outcomes from suppliers whose main claim to fame is how good they were at blowing their own trumpet, or how much money they had to throw at marketing, not how well they could help you.
  5. Wondering if you’re getting the best advice or if you’ve got the right suppliers for the job, if they’ll talk to each other, or if you’ll find that solution A can’t work with solution B and you’ll have to rip it all out and start again.
  6. Worried that the solution you’re being sold may not be the best option for your business but not knowing what you don’t know!
  7. Finding yourself dealing with large organisations with no soul and no care, and staff members who are only there to earn a paycheck and go home.
  8. Working with small suppliers with the best of intentions who do their best to help and end up being a “Jack of all Trades”, or over extending themselves and no longer providing you with the depth of expertise or the quality of service you really need.
  9. Discovering your advisors have put themselves first with recommendations based on what’s in it for them, not what’s best for you.

The SMART-Connect Alliance was created so you never have to worry about any of those challenges again.... read on to find out how we're different.

So what’s so special about SMART-Connect Boards of Advice, Advisors and Specialists?

The SMART-Connect Alliance began as a networking group of like minded business owners with similar values and a shared commitment to working together collaboratively to better help and support their clients. However we quickly realised that open membership did not guarantee the best outcomes for our clients.

As a result the SMART-Connect Alliance has evolved into an invitation only collaborative alliance where all advisors and specialists work together for the best interest of all our clients.

Here's what that means for you:

Best Practice: All SMART-Connect advisors and specialists are at the leading edge of their industry or profession.  We've combined our experience and expertise to create the Best Practice Benchmarks so you benefit from the most current industry knowledge and best practice, identifying and implementing the right solutions for your business.

Scope: Collectively we bring together a comprehensive knowledge base providing best practice expertise in all aspects of running an SME business… accounting, legal, marketing, sales, staffing, systems, risk management, technology and more. And we're constantly on the lookout for high-quality specialists who can bring leading edge knowledge and unique perspectives to the alliance. That sometimes means things you didn't even know existed that can provide real opportunities for improvement in your business.

Synergy: Whichever SMART-Connect specialists and advisors you work with you can be confident that they will work together as a team across every aspect of your business, saving time, avoiding duplication and miscommunication and reducing risk. That's what makes the SMART-Connect Best Practice Business Improvement Process so powerful. With SMART-Connect 1 plus 1 really does equal 3.

Skin in the game:  SMART-Connect advisors and specialists are SME business owners like you. When you work with a SMART-Connect business you can be confident that you are dealing with a principal or someone only one step removed, someone who is genuinely committed to helping you achieve the best possible results for your business, not with a large organisation with no soul and no care.

Ongoing Support:  We’re committed to working with you long term, taking the time to thoroughly know and understand your business and forging strong relationships so we can best support you on your business journey. That's a WIN WIN.

Quality Control: Finally all SMART-Connect Advisors and Specialists meet our strict quality control guidelines. Every SMART-Connect Advisor's reputation depends on it and we wouldn't have it any other way.

So if any of those things are important to you... get in touch, we'd love to meet you.

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