Looking for a business advisor to help you build a best practice business, develop a business improvement plan or help you with a specific aspect of your business?

SMART-Connect is a group of independent professionals who are committed to the highest standards of professional excellence. Each business advisor is a best practice expert within their field covering business planning, risk management, HR, leadership, technology, customer service, sales, branding, marketing and many more.

What makes SMART-Connect advisors different?

The SMART-Connect Alliance is an invitation only collaborative advisory group of carefully selected and continually tested independent business advisors and experts working together to provide better outcomes for their clients.

Here's what that means for you:

Best Practice: All SMART-Connect advisors and experts are at the leading edge of their industry or profession.  We've combined our experience and expertise to create the Best Practice Benchmarks so you can easily and quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses in your business practices and develop and implement your own best practice business improvement program in line with your unique business goals and objectives and your budget and priorities. 

Scope: Collectively we bring together a comprehensive knowledge base providing best practice expertise in all aspects of running an SME business… accounting, legal, marketing, sales, staffing, systems, risk management, technology and more. And we're constantly on the lookout for high-quality specialists who can bring leading edge knowledge and unique perspectives to the alliance. That sometimes means things you didn't even know existed that can provide real opportunities for improvement in your business.

Synergy: Whichever SMART-Connect specialists and advisors you work with you can be confident that they will work together as a team across every aspect of your business, saving time, avoiding duplication and miscommunication and reducing risk. That's what makes the SMART-Connect Best Practice Business Improvement Process so powerful. With SMART-Connect 1 plus 1 really does equal 3.

Skin in the game:  SMART-Connect advisors and specialists are SME business owners like you. When you work with a SMART-Connect Advisor you can be confident that you are dealing with a principal or someone only one step removed, someone who is genuinely committed to helping you achieve the best possible results for your business, not with a large organisation with no soul and no care.

Ongoing Support:  We’re committed to working with you long term, taking the time to thoroughly know and understand your business and forging strong relationships so we can best support you on your business journey. That's a WIN WIN.

Quality Control: Finally all SMART-Connect Advisors and Specialists meet our strict quality control guidelines. Every SMART-Connect Advisor's reputation depends on it and we wouldn't have it any other way.

So if any of those things are important to you... get in touch, we'd love to meet you.

Meet the SMART-Connect Business Advisors

Use the free Business Best Practice Benchmarking Toolkit to find the strengths and weaknesses in your business practices, identify the key gaps that are holding your business back and develop your own business improvement plan

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