Nabil Salameh

Nabil Salameh

Business Advisor and Coach

Director and Principal Advisor Nabil Salameh is no stranger to business. He is an accredited business coach and a qualified engineer. Having over 34 years of both corporate and small business experience, and having run a family business employing 32 staff, has given him the intimate understanding of what businesses need to be successful.

Nabil is passionate about helping business owners maximise the value of their business on exit. With a record number of businesses for sale across Australia, and an oversupply of baby boomer business owners wanting and desperate to sell their businesses, there’s nowhere near enough buyers, let alone ones prepared to pay the sum wanted. Nabil specialises in Succession and Exit Planning to achieve maximum business value and peace of mind for funding for the next stage of their life journey.

Boards of Advice

Nabil sits on the SMART-Connect Board of Advice for businesses turning over between $3 and $12 million. He advises on business planning and operational efficiency as well as exit and succession planning.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Survey Responses Chart

Satisfaction Rating System

The Customer Satisfaction Rating is derived from regular independent surveys of all clients.

The rating colour codes are
Gold Star Raving Fans
Green Light Completely Satisfied
Yellow Light Some Concerns
Red Light Thumbs Down

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