Caroline Buffinton

Caroline Buffinton

Graphic and Industrial Design Specialist

Caroline is a passionate design professional with 20 years’ combined experience in visual communication, branding, art and design.  She holds a Bachelor Degree with Honours in Technology – Industrial Design from Monash University.

Caroline started her career as a technical illustrator in the automotive sector, creating presentations and instruction manuals. These projects required both visual artistry and a close collaboration with stakeholders to produce clear and accurate design solutions.

Through her technical illustration work and ability to model designs in 3D, Caroline became a highly regarded design professional.  She was employed by HSV (Holden Special Vehicles) and promoted to the position of Chief of Interior Design – Colour and Trim.  Caroline’s key role was to develop the interior design and badge strategy for new vehicles.  Her work has enjoyed wide renown, with successes which include the innovative design on the Monaro ‘Coupe’ series together with articles published in ‘Wheels’ and ‘Motor’ magazine.

Caroline’s design skills and ability to forecast future trends and design styles have become highly sought-after with demand for her work arising in areas outside the automotive and product design.

Advisory Groups

Caroline is a member of the Best Practice Branding and Marketing Advisory Group.

Customer Satisfaction

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Satisfaction Rating System

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The rating colour codes are
Gold Star Raving Fans
Green Light Completely Satisfied
Yellow Light Some Concerns
Red Light Thumbs Down

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