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Blue pin in a cork board with words associated with training and succcessWhat are best practices for performance feedback, performance appraisal and training and development?

Conducting formal Performance Appraisals at least annually is an important, formal method for providing employees with performance feedback, for the development of career and training plans and to align performance with company objectives through specific performance targets.   Best practice companies also assist employees by providing informal feedback throughout the year – in real time.  Such regular, open and two-way communication and allows for greater trust and rapport which means minor issues to be detected and rectified early, while being able to recognise employee contribution.

Managers require specific skills to be able to give daily and weekly feedback and in order for the Performance Appraisal process to be meaningful and constructive. Managers therefore need the skills and confidence to be able to be an effective coach and provide both formal and informal feedback to employees. Without these strong people skills, your Managers may only be able to deliver half of their roles.

On-going training & development has numerous benefits for employees including the opportunity to learn new skills leading to increased confidence, self-esteem and job satisfaction.  There are also benefits for the employer, such as increased staff retention and loyalty, improved customer service, better safety practices and productivity.


How does your business measure up?

Review your business against this best practice benchmark now

BEST PRACTICE BENCHMARK: We promote an environment of regular and on-going feedback to our employees and have a formal review process in place. All employees have training and development plans in place to build capability now and into the future. #HR

Here’s a checklist to help you determine how well your business meets this benchmark.

  • Our Managers have received training and have the tools to be effective Managers and give feedback
  • We have a culture that encourages and fosters real time feedback
  • We have a formal process to give – and seek – feedback
  • We have a focus on development and training and we promote this in our informal and formal coaching and feedback discussions

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Amanda Evans

Amanda Evans

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Amanda Evans is the founder and director or Evans Faull a specialist team of HR advisors who provide small and medium sized businesses with practical and uncomplicated HR solutions to support & protect them today, while building & nurturing their capability so they can grow tomorrow. We work with clients to ensure they are both meeting compliance requirements while exploring opportunities for best practice.

Amanda has over 20 years experience in operational and strategic HR across a diverse range of industries, including professional services, sports, events, retail, wholesale, education, manufacturing and hospitality.

Amanda is accessible and approachable, providing hands-on support, advice and expertise to ensure the best possible outcomes are achieved for every client.

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