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Benchmarking best practice Marketing Strategies and Tactics

All of our marketing strategies and tactics are regularly reviewed and we consistently seek out and employ best practice to ensure that we are achieving the best possible ROI on our marketing spend. #marketing

The Marketing Strategies and Tactics Benchmark is a subset of the Marketing Benchmarking Pillar. It has been included to help you ensure that your business is getting the best possible return on each of your marketing strategies and tactics.

How to assess your business against this benchmark

  1. Identify those marketing strategies and tactics you are currently using in your business and which you are concerned may not be delivering the optimum return on your investment.
    1. SEO
    2. Google Adwords
    3. Workshops and Presentations
    4. Podcasting
    5. Public Relations
    6. Content Marketing
    7. Social Media Marketing
    8. Video marketing
    9. Email Marketing
    10. Something else?
  2. Get in touch: We’ll  provide you with an independent, obligation free, no charge assessment of how your selected marketing strategies are performing along with recommendations on how you may be able to improve.*

*The Fine Print

To receive this assessment you must have a business turning over a minimum of $240,000 per year ($20K per month).  SMART-Connect Advisors reserve the right to refuse to perform the assessment.

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Best Practice Marketing Strategies Resource Library

Benchmarking best practice in a variety of marketing strategies and tactics relevent to SME businesses

Podcasting: Cutting through the online noise

Annemarie Cross, winner of the recent Castaway Podcasting Awards and host of our very own SMART-Connect Podcast show explains how podcasting is providing an effective new medium for businesses to break through the online clutter and shares her top tips for how...

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How To Get a Lifetime of Free Media Coverage

People don't buy newspapers and magazines for the ads, they buy them for the stories.  That's why you want your business to be one of the stories. In Episode 8 of the SMART-Connect Podcast Show PR Specialist Jules Brooke explains... How to get a lifetime...

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Cheap SEO Will Cost You a Fortune

SEO is a tricky beast. Like so many digital services and products in the internet age, it’s often a hard one to understand. Unless you’re an informed purchaser, things can get pretty ugly. Luckily, at least on the surface, SEO or Search Engine Optimisation...

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An Audience Cannot Engage on Facts Alone

More and more business owners are finding themselves needing to present to an audience either live or using electronic media and how you do that can have a real impact on both your brand and your bottom line. Frazer Yendell, Founder of the Public Speaking Institute...

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How Google Ranks a Brand Online

Everyone says that content is king. YES it is important, but it's no good to anyone if it's not optimised. In Episode 4 of the SMART-Connect Podcast Show SMART-Connect Digital Marketing and SEO Specialist Ian Hopkinson explains... How Google Ranks a Brand...

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How to Avoid Costly Google Adwords Mistakes

Is your Google Adwords Agency doing enough for you?  The measurement is in the results and outcomes being generated. In Episode 3 of the SMART-Connect Podcast Show SMART-Connect Google Adwords Specialist Tony Sambell  explains... How to Avoid Costly Google...

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The Core of Your Content

I have a list of dictates that make my nonfiction writing students hate me. (It's OK: they eventually stop hating me when their writing improves out of sight and they begin to sell their work. Until then, I can live with it.) Among these dictates, which...

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