This post is one in a series designed to help SME businesses benchmark their business and create a best practice business improvement plan across all of their business processes.  You can find the links to the full series here.  

Companies that listen to their customers grow faster.  Customer feedback helps you to:

  • Improve your products and services
  • Improve your customer relationships.
  • Make your customers feel valued and important
  • Develop new products or services
  • .Generate personal referrals and recommendations.
  • Acquire new customers. According to data collected by Invesp, 90% of customers read online reviews before visiting a business website and 88% of customers trust these opinions almost as if they were personal recommendations.


How does your business measure up?

Review your business against this best practice benchmark now

BEST PRACTICE BENCHMARK: We have clearly defined customer feedback process which provides valuable customer feedback, informs our product and service development, and generates a steady stream of testimonials and referrals for our business.. #Customer-relationships

Here’s a checklist to help you determine how well your business meets this benchmark.

  • We collect client feedback regularly and consistently
  • Our feedback questionnaires are as short and simple as possible
  • We ask a mixture of open and closed questions
  • We share the results of our feedback across the business before decisions are made
  • We respond to customer feedback so that they know they have been heard and listened to
  • We learn from customer feedback to improves systems and processes for the future
  • We track our responses to customer feedback to make sure that our results are improving.
  • We document customer feedback and customer experiences to create customer case studies and stories which we share with other customers and potential customers as part of our communication strategy.

About the Author

Brenda Thomson

Brenda Thomson

CEO and Founder of the SMART-Connect Alliance

Brenda is the CEO and founder of the SMART-Connect Alliance.

Brenda is an experienced small business owner.  She has won an Australian Home Based Business of the Year Award, the My Business Magazine Best Start-up award and has also appeared in the Anthill Magazine top 100 Cool Companies and top 100 Innovative Businesses list.  Brenda has an honours degree in organizational psychology and a Graduate Certificate in training and development and is an experienced trainer, facilitator and counsellor.

Brenda is a firm believer in mutual collaboration combined with a practical, hands on tools, strategies and systems as the most effective way to achieve real results in business. 

Brenda is a sought after mentor, speaker and trainer in the areas of strategic alliances and joint ventures and networking with a twist.  She is also passionate about actively giving back to the wider community. In addition to donating her speaking fees and a proportion of every SMART-Connect Alliance membership to provide microfinance to help women in Malawi to start their own small businesses, Brenda has also climbed the Himalayas to raise money for Kids Help Line and helped lay a pipeline to supply water to a remote village in Tanzania.

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