Summary of useful articles published by SMART-Connect best practice advisors in April 2018. Topics covered include social media marketing, brochure marketing, YouTube marketing and a summary of the Australian cyber security report.

What’s More Important Than Social Media Today and Why Should You Care

by Peter Engelhardt

Marketing blogs tell us that traditional media is being replaced by new media and that traditional marketing is being replaced by social media marketing….[but] If you peel back the layers, you’ll find the truth.

The YouTube Guru Program

By Tony Sambell

Spicy[web] are now YouTube Gurus. What on earth does that mean? And more importantly, why should anyone care? Here’s a tip…YouTube has unparalleled viewer ATTENTION, and the audience REACH to back it up. The adverts on the YouTube platform are performing higher than any other platform and more…

Want To Get Your Message Heard?

Ian Bosler

Printing and Marketing & Sales Process Automation Specialist Ian Bosler outlines three points that can help you improve your usage of brochure deliveries to help you grow your business.

Current AU cyber threat report: how to protect your business

Damien Battersby

Every year, the government’s Australian Cyber Security Centre releases a comprehensive study of the current and emerging threats affecting Australian’s cyber security. It’s a long document, so Damien Battersby has done the heavy lifting and extracted the information most relevant to SMEs … includes a list of the six main methods that cyber criminals are currently using to target Australian businesses.

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