Our story

The SMART-Connect Alliance began as a networking group of like minded business owners with similar values and a shared commitment to working together collaboratively to better help and support their clients. However members quickly realised that open membership did not guarantee the best outcomes for clients.

As a result the SMART-Connect Alliance has evolved into an invitation only collaborative alliance where all advisors and specialists work together for the best interest of all their clients.

Members meet four key criteria:

  1. They share a passionate commitment to the SMART-Connect core values of integrity, professional excellence, collaboration, customer service, contribution and innovation and to the SMART-Connect mission and vision.
  2. They are all highly regarded industry leaders and experts in their field, bringing their own unique specialist skills and expertise to the Alliance.
  3. They are all experienced, successful business owners in their own right.
  4. They are committed to working collectively, putting aside egos, to realise the best outcomes for their clients.

Our Vision and Mission

The SMART-Connect Vision
  • To be Australia’s most  trusted and respected collective of consultants, advisors and specialists to SME businesses, recognised nationally for our exceptional standards of professional excellence, customer service and integrity.
The SMART-Connect Mission

Working together for the best interests of every client:

  • Ensuring every client is connected to the consultants, advisors and specialists best suited to help them achieve their business goals.
  • Ensuring every client receives the highest standards of professional service and customer care.

Our latest customer feedback results

Customer Feedback and Quality Control

Prior to acceptance as a SMART-Connect partner candidates are required to survey their clients from the past twelve months. Any candidate who fails to meet our high standards in this initial review process is automatically excluded from membership.

Following acceptance, all partners continue to survey their clients on an ongoing basis in line with best practice for their industry.

It’s easy to post glowing testimonials from your mates on your website and sweep bad feedback under the carpet. That is not acceptable in SMART-Connect where the reputation of every partner depends on the actions of every other partner.  That’s why you can have confidence that you are dealing with quality professionals who have been thoroughly vetted to ensure that you will receive the best possible service, support and advice, no exceptions.

Our Values


We commit to doing the right thing, even if no-one is going to know whether we did or not.</p><p>Without exception!


We commit to working together, putting egos and personal gain aside to ensure the best possible results for everyone.

Professional Excellence

We commit to maintaining and delivering the highest standards of professional excellence and skill in relation to our chosen profession in every situation.

Customer Service:

We commit to live by our values of professional excellence, contribution and integrity in every aspect of every dealing with every client.


We commit to paying it forward to make the world a better place for everyone. Adding value with everything we do, even when there is nothing in it for us.


We will not be constrained by the way things have always been done. We are prepared to think outside the box to find ways to add greater value to our clients and the wider community.

Making a difference

All SMART-Connect partners are committed to making a difference in their own way as part of their business as usual.

However as a community we share a set of MAD Goals through our partnership with B1G1 Business for Good.

  • Every time any partner or guest attends a SMART-Connect meeting we contribute a meal to feed a hungry child .
  • Every time a new partner joins the alliance we fund a micro-loan to help a woman in Africa start her own business and escape the poverty trap.

You can see an up to date record of what we have achieved so far in the image on the left.

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