Connecting you with a hand picked team of top quality advisors and specialists, working together to help you achieve exceptional results across all areas of your business.


Can we connect you with the ideal team of advisors and specialists to help you overcome your challenges, increase your profitability and expand your reach?
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Why Work With Us

You’re the experts in your products or services, but running a successful business means you have to stay abreast of so much more. Generating new business, juggling cash-flow, dealing with staff, implementing systems and a whole gamut in between; not to mention legislative changes and new technologies. It’s so much easier when you have the ongoing input and support of a team of high-quality advisors and specialists you can trust.


Collectively we bring together a comprehensive knowledge base providing expertise in all aspects of running an SME business… accounting, legal, marketing, sales, staffing, systems, risk management, technology and more.


All SMART-Connect advisors and specialists are at the leading edge of their industry or profession so you benefit from the most current industry knowledge and best practice, providing the right solutions for your business.


Whichever SMART-Connect specialists and advisors you work with you can be confident that they will work together as a team across every aspect of your business, saving time, avoiding duplication and miscommunication and reducing risk. With SMART-Connect 1 plus 1 really does equal 3.


SMART-Connect advisors and specialists are business owners like you. We’re committed to working with you long term, taking the time to thoroughly know and understand your business and forging strong relationships so we can best support you on your business journey.

How It Works

Our process is designed to connect you with a strategic advisor who will work with you long term, bringing together a collaborative team of high-quality specialists and advisors with the mix of skills, expertise and values ideally suited to work with you as needed throughout your business journey, ensuring you are always provided with the expertise and support you need to achieve your business goals.

Not all advice is good advice

Unfortunately finding the right specialists and advisors can be a time-consuming, expensive, hit and miss affair.  It’s an ongoing headache for most business owners:

  • Experts who tell you THEY have the ideal solution to your problem, often without taking the time to really understand your business or being willing to refer you on when there may be a better option for your situation.
  • Finding yourself dealing with a different staff member or consultant at every meeting and constantly having to re-explain your business and your problem.
  • Getting shunted from one supplier to the next, always being asked to spend more money and still not getting the outcome you were looking for.
  • Paying exorbitant prices for inadequate or at best average outcomes from suppliers whose main claim to fame is how good they were at blowing their own trumpet, or how much money they had to throw at marketing, not how well they could help you.
  • Wondering if you’re getting the best advice or if you’ve got the right suppliers for the job, if they’ll talk to each other, or if you’ll find that solution A can’t work with solution B and you’ll have to rip it all out and start again.
  • Worried that the solution you’re being sold may not be the best option for your business but not knowing what you don’t know!
  • Finding yourself dealing with large organisations with no soul and no care, and staff members who are only there to earn a paycheck and go home.
  • Working with small suppliers with the best of intentions who do their best to help and end up being a “Jack of all Trades”, or over extending themselves and no longer providing you with the depth of expertise or the quality of service you really need.
  • Discovering your advisors have put themselves first with recommendations based on what’s in it for them, not what’s best for you.


Imagine if you had a team of outstanding business advisors you could turn to whenever you needed input, advice, wisdom or support on any aspect of your business, marketing, sales, finance, operations, technology, staffing, risk management.

imagine if collectively they fully understood your business goals and objectives,  and that they worked together so that their advice and input considered every aspect of your business, not just any single area of expertise.

Imagine if they could connect you to other ideal specialists and advisors to address specific business problems and challenges as they arose.

Imagine if all that was just one phone call away at any time.

That is the SMART-Connect promise….. Connecting you with a  hand picked team of top quality advisors and specialists, working together to help you achieve exceptional results across your business.

How our process works

Step 1: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your business so we can connect you to the ideal advisor to first meet with you based on your industry, company size and the challenges most keeping you awake at night.

Step 2: Your SMART-Connect Advisor will take you through a comprehensive business health check and review to identify opportunities for improvement and potential risks you may not be aware of.  The assessment takes around two hours and covers all aspects of business management and growth: profitability, cashflow, marketing, sales, operations, staffing, technology and potential areas of risk.

Step 3: You’ll receive a detailed report covering all areas of the assessment including recommendations for areas of improvement, risks you might want to consider addressing and suggested priorities for action.

Step 4: Implementation, What you do with that report is up to you:

  • You can do nothing.
  • You can take it to your current advisors to implement.
  • You can elect to work with a SMART-Connect strategic business advisor who will work with you to develop, implement, review and update a strategic action plan fully aligned to your business goals and objectives.  They will coordinate the ideal advisors and specialists to work with you every step along the way, ensuring that you always receive the best possible advice and support, aligned to your business goals and objectives.

When you choose to work with a SMART-Connect Strategic Business Advisor you can be confident you will be working with a team of hand picked advisors and specialists will work together so you get the best strategic advice together with practical, customised implementation, taking the hassle, the hidden surprises and the worry out of your business challenges and helping you achieve your business goals.

The commitment of every SMART-Connect Alliance advisor and specialist is to work together collaboratively to do the best for our clients. It’s the founding principle behind the alliance.

The SMART-Connect Community Framework

Our community framework exists to foster the highest standard of honesty and integrity within each of us, whilst enabling us to work together to provide exceptional levels of professional service and comprehensive support to our clients.

  • All our specialists, advisors and consultants work together combining our specialised knowledge and expertise so you get the best strategic advice together with practical, customised implementation, taking the hassle, the hidden surprises and the worry out of your business challenges and purchasing decisions, ensuring you save time, make money, improve cash flow and achieve business success.
  • We’re committed to continuous improvement. SMART-Connect specialists, advisors and consultants meet together regularly to discuss best practice, and how we can build better businesses ourselves and better help and support our clients. 
  • We’re proactive in looking for ways to help each other achieve the best results for our clients through stronger diagnostic services and better advice; helping you get more clients, improve cash-flow, save time and increase profitability in your business.
  • Finally SMART-Connect Alliance partners don’t accept kick-backs or referral payments, and if the best solution for your business can’t be found inside the SMART-Connect Alliance then we’ll happily help you find the right solution elsewhere.

Are we right for you and your business?

The clients who are best suited to working with the SMART-Connect Alliance are owners and senior decision makers of small to medium businesses.

  • Generally you’ll be turning over between half a million and 50 million.
  • You may be struggling to manage rapid growth,  to maintain traction in a crowded or changing marketplace, to manage a takeover or merger or to prepare a business for sale.
  • You have a team of staff but you’re still closely involved in the day to day running of the business.
  • You’ve realised that you can’t be an expert in everything involved in growing your business and you are concerned that sometimes you may be making poor decisions in areas outside your expertise, impacting cash flow, profitability and the growth of the business. You want to work with top quality experts and specialists to ensure you are making the best possible decisions for the future of your business.
  • You are happy to pay for value when it delivers a real return on investment but you don’t have time or money to waste on inadequate service, expensive mistakes, and bad advice. You’re looking for the right mix of high-quality external advisors who can work together to help you plug the gaps and achieve better results, faster.
  • You are looking for long term, strong relationships based on mutual trust and respect with advisors who have taken the time to thoroughly know and understand you and your business, and who genuinely care about helping you achieve your business goals.

About Us

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Our Story

Our Story

The SMART-Connect Alliance began as a networking group of like minded business owners with similar values and a shared commitment to working together collaboratively to better help and support their clients. However members quickly realised that open membership did not guarantee the best outcomes for clients.


Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

The SMART-Connect Vision is to be Australia’s most trusted and respected collective of consultants, advisors and service providers to SME businesses, recognised nationally for our exceptional standards of professional excellence, customer service and integrity.


Our Values


All SMART-Connect members share the core values of Integrity, Collaboration, Professional Excellence, Customer Service, Contribution and Innovation. These values guide all of our decision making and processes.


Quality Control

Quality Control

Prior to acceptance as a SMART-Connect Alliance member candidates are required to survey all of their clients from the past twelve months. Any candidate whose survey results fail to meet our high standards is automatically excluded from membership.


What clients say about SMART-Connect Advisors and Specialists

Ian Hopkinson – Digital Marketing and SEO Specialist

“Got us from nowhere to the 1st page. Professional and result-orientated.”

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Harvey Bowlt Commercial Law Specialist 

Harvey Bowlt uses plain english in his legal documents, so the meaning is very clear to all relevant parties. He pays attention to the details and ensures all relevant points are covered. His goal is to reduce risk in your business. I recommend him for business owners looking for an approachable, thorough commercial lawyer. Raie Lyth, WEB IDEAS

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Damien Battersby IT support services
Proactive IT Solutions have been providing IT services to our business for many years. we have found them to be very knowledgeable, helpful & quickly attend to any concerns we have. Trish Edwards, PhysioSpot

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Peter Ligdopoulos Insurance and Risk Management Specialist

We were very happy with Peter’s review of all of our Insurance Policies. Peter was able to combine 3 into one and with additional coverage at no extra cost! This has saved us possibly hundreds to thousands of dollars a year. Thankyou!

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Ron Chowanetz – specialist commercial finance broker

“Ron has easily been the most customer friendly, efficient and fastest working finance provider I have worked with in my 12 years of business. We have not had a single finance deal that has taken more than 48hrs from application to cash in bank.”  Tony Dunphy Managing Director Telaustralia Business Phone Systems & Data

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Jeanine Purdie: Debt management specialist
I just emailed the details of the client that had failed to pay their invoice and Business Credit Solutions did the rest. The whole process was easy and pain free and I was kept up to date with how things were proceeding. I have since received payment from the client. I will definitely use them again if required.

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Stewart Clark Business Coach and Risk Advisor

Excellent working with Stewart from SCS Performance. Our business bottom line improved by 23% in the first 6 months, and is continuing to steadily improve. Thanks Stewart. Raie Lyth WEB IDEAS

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Scott Trevethan Tax Accountants and Business Advisors

Scott and his team are professional, knowledgeable and an absolute pleasure to deal with. They add value to each project they manage.
 Madre Clarke (Accounts Manager – The Knight Alliance)

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Tony Papadopoulos Graphic Design Specialist

Tony is not only a very talented and clever designer he is also a lovely guy to deal with and is very professional in everything he does. I would have absolute no hesitation in recommending him to anyone needing help with company image and design Tony has the creativity to get you there.

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Greg Clarkson IT Support Specialist

Have been using Network Overdrive for over 10 years. They have never let me down yet. Great customer service and support.
 Julie Limbach. A.S.K.

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Can we connect you with the ideal team of advisors and specialists to help you overcome your challenges, increase your profitability and expand your reach?

Click on the links which best describe your business and situation to find out.

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